Mayor’s Message

My warmest greetings to all subscribers of this web page. To run for an electoral position was never my dream. But with my continuous visit in Balud, I came to realize that I want to serve Balud and I want to help my fellow BLUDENIOS uplift their ways and means of living. I want to have a total transformation of Balud. This burning desire of mine keeps me standing amidst the complexities and adversities of my political career. I want Balud to be a haven of peace and a tourist destination, for I believe that these are the vital factors towards the progress and development of my beloved municipality. But all my dreams and plans for Balud will not be realized with just a snap of my finger or with the wink of my eyes. I need the help of my dear constituents. I want to challenge all Baludenios to be participative, cooperative and supportive in all my plans for I believe that it is in “ONENESS” that no matter how difficult and tremendous the work is, if each one of us involves ourselves in every undertaking that I take, everything will be in place. It is in hard work and perseverance that the fruits being reaped are abundant and great. I would like to urge everybody to be open minded to accept changes and development in our community. I am very optimistic that with the support of everybody, “I” and “YOU” can make a difference, we can make “BALUD” a healthy, progressive and a safe place to live in.



Hon. Ruben Jude D. Lim
Municipal Mayor-Balud, Masbate