Working together to make our place attractive, harnessing people’s participation in all its undertakings towards a common goal, protecting our environment through sustainable development programs and by giving priority to others over ourselves


By the year 2016, Balud is a tourist attractive municipality, with hospitable and God loving people, business friendly with progressive economy living in a socially protective and safe environment with transparent and accountable leaders.


Functional Statement:

Municipal Mayor

  • Ensure, promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, encourage and support the development of appropriate self-reliant, scientific and technological capabilities.
  • Improve public morale, enhance economic prosperity an social justice, promote employment among his residents, maintain peace and order and preserve the comfort and convenience of his inhabitant

Office of the Mayor

Personnel Staff:

  • Establish and maintain a sound personal program for the local Chief Executive (LCE) designed to promote career development and uphold the merit in the government service


  • Provide assistance to the Mayor and other local officials in formulating programs relative to personnel development pursuant to Civil Service rules and regulations

Economic Enterprise Management:

  • Take custody of and exercise proper management in the operation of markets and slaughterhouse and improve each facility and maintain its operation through a self-reliant enterprise.

General Services:

  • Exercise the basic services and maintain the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants.

Municipal Tourism Office:

  • Organize and assist beach operators towards promotion of their places
  • Create tourism products
  • Encourage private sectors to invest in transport facilities
  • Encourage influx of tourism-related activities
  • Conduct capacity building training programs to empower communities

Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO):

  • Conduct pre-emergency conference or meeting for evacuation with some necessary safety measures and          preparation of relief goods for whatever possible occurrence of natural and man-made disaster
  • Achieve zero casualties during disasters with close coordination with PAGASA and Weather Philippines         Foundation through the newly installed automated weather station by disseminating information with Early Warning Team (EWT) via weather forecast and practice constant drill among Emergency Response Team (ERT) Volunteers Municipal Nutrition Action Office (MNAO):
  • Conduct Monthly weighing or Operation Plus Timbang (OPT) among Preschool children to monitor and       ensure the optimum growth and development of preschoolers will be achieved.
  • Provide supplemental feeding during disaster and emergency in evacuation centers with identified                   malnourished children and lactating mothers with other necessary intervention to reduce the prevalence rate of malnutrition in the Municipality
  • Promote Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and implementing of Executive Order 51 known as “The Milk Code”

Sangguniang Bayan:

  • Enact ordinances and regulations as may be necessary to carry out and discharge the responsibilities and conferred upon it by law necessary and proper to provide for the health and safety, comfort and convenience

Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO):

  • Exercise general supervision and control of day-to-day activities placed under him/her

Budget Office:

  • Provide technical and staff services to the Local Chief Executive and other local officials on budget matters
  • Monitor the disbursement of fund and coordinate the same in the formulation of development plans and programs


  • Account all issued requests for obligations
  • Prepare its journal and analysis and maintain, keep all records and reports related thereto.

Municipal Treasurer’s Office

  • Provide technical supervision and control over-all activities relating to the collections of municipal licenses and realty taxes.
  • Provide and adopt measures necessary for the safeguarding of monies and public properties.

Municipal Assessor’s Office

  • Appraise all properties as its current market fair value to such an extent that uniformity is achieved in each local political subdivision, and real property assessed on the basis of actual use and uniform standards of value applied within each local subdivision. Municipal Health Office-Rural Health Unit (MHO-RHU)
  • Take charge of health services, formulate programs, implementation guidelines for the approval of the Mayor.
  • Provide technical assistance and support, deliver basic services and implement health related projects and activities.

Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO)

  • Help improve and enhance the living conditions of the people.
  • Reduce the rate of malnourished pre-schoolers and develop the same socially, mentally and spiritually through value inculcation and train out-of-school youths to be productive members of the society.


  • Help ensure food security and self-sufficiency.
  • Promote the development of labor intensive and employment generating agro-industrial enterprise.


  • Identify problems affecting the implementation of projects and provide possible approaches and solutions.
  • Apply and practice the rules and regulations for more effective contract of the administration.

Philippine National Police (PNP)

  • Maintain peace and order, improve public morale, promote prosperity and general welfare of the municipality and the inhabitant thereof and ensure the protection of life and property therein.